Birds of Hampshire

Hampshire Ornithological Society

map Bird Clubs planning status books would be well advised to read this book.It is simply packed with information,beautifully formatted and put together with meticulous attention to detail.The line drawings,maps and photographs are second to none,with excellent and informative (detailed) text on the history and status of Hampshire's bird populations..Here is an organisation who have achieved what I personally believe to be a 'landmark' publication.....and one for others (hopefully) to follow.

'Hampshire has a rich and varied bird life.The county has been fortunate to retain habitats which are increasingly rare in Southern Britain-lowland heaths,chalk grasslands,ancient woodlands and unspoilt estuaries.The climate is mild and the European mainland is close by.These factors combine to ensure that the diversity of birds breeding,wintering and migrating through the county is high.

Birds of Hampshire is the first comprehensive guide to the county's geology,the history of its land use and the resultant impact on its birds,the development of ornithology in the county,and a typical Hampshire birdwatching year.Systematic species accounts detail the past and current status of 348 species in the county and incorporate;

513 pp with16 pages of colour photographs,more than 50 excellent line drawings of Hampshire birds and their habitats.Also contains a complete list of Hampshire observers from 1951-92 and a Gazetteer......Superb

Condition A1 MINT as NEW in D/W.Price £32.00

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